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     Combining our skills in design and fitting kitchens,  here at Kitchens Manchester we  have been providing a comprehensive, yet simple and hassle free design and fitting services at affordable prices to our customers for many years. We are loved for our quality kitchens, design and functionality that we provide to each and everyone of our clients. We make it our aim to provide you not only with best quality workmanship but exemplary customer service too.

    We cover the Greater Manchester area, so where ever you are we will try a get to you.

    Right from the start we will pay you a complementary home visit to discuss your new kitchen and give you advice and information on all the aspects needed to ensure a simple, headache free design and fitting.


  • A newly fitted kitchen will transform your house and the way you live.
    That's why choosing the right kitchen fitters is so important.


    You maybe wondering how much all this will cost. For that, you will have to consider that each kitchen is different in  size, style, worktops and appliances. It is what makes it unique as it is customized to suit your needs and expectations. However if you have a budget in mind it speeds up the process and avoids disappointment - For example £2000 or even £20000. Give us at Kitchens Manchester a call with your figure and based on this we will give you a free quote, choosing the correct furniture, worktops and appliances that match your budget.

    Kitchens Manchester  will work with you, at no cost, to create a design that will ensure it  will be tailor-made to all your needs. You will be presented with samples and ideas so that you can select the most appealing concepts, bringing your dreams and inspirations to life, designing a kitchen that you will be proud of for a long time to come. We will then create a plan and an estimate of the cost and present these to you. All this is done using state of the art software to ensure that you can visualize your new kitchen. Even if you are looking to radically change the layout of your kitchen we can help you with that too.

  • Our kitchen fitters who are based in Manchester will then let you know the next available date for your kitchen to be fitted, and will reconfirm the day before the installation is due to start to make sure all is ready to go. We also take care of any materials or all your questions long before the project starts so everything is ready for us to begin with a minimum of disruption. The kitchen fitting should not take more then a few days depending on the project size.

    We take great pride in our work that few companies can match in our quality, design and functionality. All our workmanship come with a guarantee as standard to make sure you are fully satisfied with the end result and can rely on to last a long time. see our About Us for more details.

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  • A new kitchen will only be termed as complete once all its appliances have been acquired, and installed professionally our by dedicated and time served experts. We make use of our close working relationships with some of the greatest names in appliances in Manchester to provide you with top quality appliances that are well priced and professionally installed, ranging from ovens to built-in freezers to dishwashers, cookers and hobs. Selecting the most ideal cooker which is every kitchen’s heart or a freezer that is among the most important appliances, keeping all your foods fresh while preserving their taste and keeping your soft drinks chilled can prove to be very difficult. We will offer guidance through all the available options including all the ranges of integrated and semi integrated options and see to it that you receive a product you will be glad about and one that is ideal in both its functionality and effectiveness.

  • The perfect cabinetry can make or break the kitchen’s functionality and style. Although it might be your biggest expense, choosing it needs not be stressful.
    we will guide you through the entire process, from the beginning to the end. Everything ranging from glass knobs to recessed pulls, from shaker to flat panel are all what we cover. Have your best dishes put up on display and make your kitchens space bright with glass cabinets. Do not forget pocket doors, corner drawers and flip-up doors that can make your life easier and cabinets more functional. Once you have selected your cabinets, you will need to select hardware. Your choice of drawer knobs and pulls can make a huge difference to the ambience of the room.You can try out pretty and colourful palettes  for your cabinetry to get your haven some flair. When designing your new kitchen , bear in mind that clever accessories will turn it into a haven accessible and comfortable for everyone using it.

  • Worktops are where most of the action takes place. Putting up with sharp knives, hot pans and spills so its important you  get it just right when selecting them. A  worktop also sets a fitted kitchens tone. Choose from the elegance and durability of granite, which require minimal maintenance and offers a striking worktop, a luxurious material that never goes out of fashion and suits both modern and traditional styles. Or go for the cool effect of stainless steel or the contemporary wood effect. Composite is the best option if you need a seamless run of worktops. They usually come in different and dramatic colors like blue and dark grey which look fantastic in both contemporary and modern kitchens. Glass offers a modern look and reflects light around the room. Since it is a reflective surface, it is useful as a worktop in small-size kitchens to give a spacious feeling. Laminate on the other hand can closely mimic worktop materials such as wood, slate and granite making it suitable for traditional and modern schemes.