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  • Kitchen Refurbishing FAQs


    Q: I feel overwhelmed by the options and I’m not sure what sort of kitchen to go for, What do I do?

    A: Have no fear, our design specialists who will work with you to look over the various options and help you narrow down your decision. They will help you visualize your new surroundings and how you will feel and function in your new environment. Turning unusually shaped rooms into masterpieces is what our professional designers specialize in.

    Q: How long does the design process take?

    A: A work of art can’t be rushed and we promise to give you all the time necessary to make you feel 100% comfortable with your new kitchen. We routinely compile many layout options and always strive to develop new ideas in line with our customers expectations. Initally Our designers will ask you many questions in order to get a better idea of what it is you really want; for example what your idea of convenience is, how you like to cook, how you see your new kitchen and many others. These answers will help us to develop a free design generated on a computer to give you a 3D feel for your consideration. Depending on how close to your satisfaction this design lands will decide on the need for future designs and how many.

    Q: What are your options in surface materials?

    A: We have an extensive list of options for worktops. We have some attractive synthetic options --like Silestone, Corian and laminate-- and some beautiful naturals like granite and timbers. No matter the interior style, the required durability or the budget, we have the worktop to match.

    Q: Do you work with any specific brands of appliances?

    A: Certainly! We work with all the big names in kitchen appliances like Bosch, Miele, Gaggenau, Tika, Siemens and Neff. If there is a specific appliance that you want in your kitchen, we can find a way to get it for you.

    Q: What will you do with my old Kitchen?

    A: If you have us remodel your kitchen we will handle not only the installation of your new kitchen but also properly remove and dispose of the old one --and all for one price. This will be done in the most environmentally friendly way and in accordance with waste disposal regulations.

    Q: How long does the installation process take?

    A: That depends on the magnitude of the project at hand. Having a kitchen removed and a new one installed itself can take as little as four days. If there are plumbing and electrical intricacies to attend to -- or tiling jobs-- the installation could drag out for longer.

    Q: Is my home going to be affected by the installation of a new kitchen?

    A: There will always be a certain amount
    of disturbances happening in the kitchen as a result of the installation. Our kitchen fitters understand the necessity of keeping the house running with as little disruption to your daily activities during the installation process.
    Realistically however, you need to expect that the kitchen will be off bounds for a few days -at least as far as functionality is concerned. We understand the necessity of a kitchen --especially when small children are residents of the home-- and we'll do our best to provide you with any alternatives we can until your kitchen is up and running.

    Q: will I have to get days off work while my kitchen is being renovated?

    A: Not at all, any important consultations we need to make with you can be done over the phone or via email. You can count on us to respect you living space and always tidy up at the end of every day. This is our way of respecting the trust you have.

    Q: How much will my new kitchen cost?

    A: That’s a tough question --each job is different. Kitchens are big or small, this style that style and have many other specifics that affect the final price. If you would like a round number to help you get an idea, how about £3000 or £20,000? Having a starting point gives you place to start considering the appliances and brands within your budget.

    Q: Do you have financing options?

    A: We may have a deal for you --Please contact us by phone for financing options.

    Q: Does your work come with any guarantee?

    A: Absolutely! All of our units, drawer fronts and doors come guaranteed for many years. See our About - Us page for more information.

    Appliances come with warranties from their manufacturer.

    Q: Is there a price for your design work?

    A: Our design work is complimentary. We understand the gravity of the decision and how sometimes you need to know everything before you can make a decision. So we help you do that - no commitments!

    Q: Is installation included in the final Price?

    A: Yes it is!. The final price will factoring the location of the project, additional work, complexity and size of the task, etc.

    Q: Who will be working in my house?

    A: We have a reliable team of fitters. These professionals have been employed with us for many years and we vouch for their trustworthy qualities and honesty. The team who arrives to your house will conduct their duties with the highest standards of respect and workmanship.

    Q: what if there is a problerm or I have a question not covered here, may I contact you?

    A: Absolutely, contact us using the contact us form or alternatively call us on 0161 454 1231