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  • G shaped kitchen layout advantages and disadvantages


    If you are considering having a g-shaped kitchen you should first see if it's right for you. That can be done by you reading over the pros and cons. When you have an idea of what to expect it becomes a lot easier to know if it's the right kind of kitchen layout for you.


  • What are the Advantages ?

    Here are some of the main reasons you would want to go for a g-shaped kitchen:

    Wall Cabinets

     You'll be able to use the walls in this design, so there will be a lot of space, to store items.

     Base Cabinets

    Not only is there a lot of wall space, but at the base of every part of this design, so you have a lot more storage with room for kitchen appliances such as under the counter fridge/freezers or even a dishwasher or the base could just be used instead of the walls units.

     More Counter Space

    With a g-shape design, you're able to have far more space for working in the kitchen. This beats a U shape because you have more surface area to work with.

     Open or Private Kitchen

    With this kind of design, you are able to cover all 4 walls. You can raise parts of the kitchen to close them off to make it more private or you can make it more open to have that feeling of space.


  • But it’s important to note some of the Disadvantages too


    More Work

     To use this kind of design you have to put more work and thought into how to make the layout, where to put the sinks cookers etc.  than a less complicated variation. This is great if you need the storage and preparation space, but not so beneficial if you're trying to keep it simple.

    May Be Too Much Space believe it or not 

    This kind of G shaped kitchen gives you a lot of room and places to keep items. However, if you're just living on your own or in a small area then it could just be too much to deal with. If you're not going to use everything in your kitchen, there's really no reason to use this design.

  • These g-shaped kitchen advantages and disadvantages should help you to see if this is the right way for you to go. It's important that you spend time learning and understanding these different lay out options before begin. That way, you don't waste your money and time on doing the work.


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