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  • G shaped kitchen layout definition

  • What Is The G Shaped Kitchen Layout Definition?


    You may have heard of G shaped kitchens as a design concept, but can't imagine off the top of your head what it looks like. Searching for images online is easy enough, but how do you know which images are accurately labeled? What exactly is the G shaped kitchen layout definition?

     A G shaped kitchen is basically an extension of a U shaped kitchen. U shaped kitchens tend to maximize wall space in a smaller kitchen by having cabinetry, storage, appliances, and fixtures on three contiguous walls, so the room is a big U, with one end open.


    The G shaped kitchen starts off like this but has a serving peninsula coming out of the end of the countertops on side of the open space. This serving peninsula is much like an island, just for kitchens not big enough to have an island.

     A straight peninsula can usually have room for two chairs for eating, although a curved or three-sided peninsula can seat three or four people. 


  • If you decide that the G shaped kitchen layout definition is the look you want for your kitchen, keep in mind that the trick is in balancing the length of the peninsula with the width of the entryway. An entryway of at least four feet is needed by most people to enter and exit the actual kitchen area comfortably.


    However, going wider than four feet might cut into the peninsula and not leave enough space for multiple people to eat together at once.


  • A G shaped kitchen layout can save a lot of space in a small room or home, and possibly even spare the need for a dining room. It's a wonderful idea if renovating a basement as a rental unit for extra income to maximize the available space.